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Cat. No. Product Description Application Quantity Price Cart
132 002GFP, rabbit, polyclonal, antiserumantiserumWB IP ICC IHC IHC-P EM 200 µl$355.00
132 003GFP, rabbit, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity WB IP ICC IHC 50 µg$455.00
132 003AT1GFP, rabbit, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity , ATTO 647NICC IHC 50 µg$480.00
132 003C3GFP, rabbit, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity , Oyster 550ICC IHC 50 µg$480.00
132 003C5GFP, rabbit, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity , Oyster 650ICC IHC 50 µg$480.00
132 003CpHGFP, rabbit, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity , CypHer5EICC 50 µg$480.00
132 004GFP, Guinea pig, polyclonal, antiserumantiserumWB ICC IHC EM 100 µl$365.00
132 005GFP, Guinea pig, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity WB ICC IHC 50 µg$460.00
132 006GFP, chicken, polyclonal, affinity purifiedaffinity ICC IHC 50 µg$380.00
132 011GFP, mouse, monoclonal, purified IgG IgGIP ICC IHC 100 µg$415.00
132 111GFP, mouse, monoclonal, purified IgG IgGWB 100 µg$415.00
N0301GFP sdAb, camelid, monoclonal, FluoTag-QFluoTag-Q, various labelsICC (FACS) 200 µl 
N0304GFP sdAb, camelid, monoclonal, FluoTag-X4FluoTag-X4, various labelsICC (FACS) 200 µl 
N0305-250ugGFP sdAb, camelid, monoclonal, single domain antibodysingle domain antibody250 µg$325.00
N0305-BiotinGFP sdAb, camelid, monoclonal, single domain antibodysingle domain antibody, biotinICC FACS 250 µg$740.00
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