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New shipping costs apply from June 2022

Dear customers,
due to a general increase in the cost of energy and transportation, we have to raise the shipping costs. The new prices are valid from June 2022.

All antibodies and control proteins / peptides are shipped lyophilized (freeze-dried) and are stable at ambient temperatures without loss of quality for many weeks. They can be stored in this form at 4°C for several years. Lyophilized antibodies must not be stored in the freezer. Temperatures below zero may cause loss of performance.
Fluorescence-labeled antibodies should be reconstituted immediately upon delivery.
For reconstitution and storage after reconstitution please refer to our tips and hints for storage and our reconstitution instructions.

Shipment to Germany:

Goods are shipped by UPS. Shipping costs are currently 8.00 EUR.

Shipment to European countries:

Goods are shipped by TNT. Shipping costs are 12.00 EUR for the following countries:
Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Czech republic, Greece

From June 2022 the shipping costs for these countries are 15.00 EUR.

Shipment to non-European countries or EFTA countries:

Goods are shipped by FedEx which takes 2 - 4 business days if there are no delays with customs. New shipping costs apply from June 2022

    old price   new price
North America, Canada    45.00 USD     50.00 USD
Chile, Argentina   55.00 USD   65.00 USD
United Kingdom   45.00 EUR   50.00 EUR
Switzerland, Norway   50.00 EUR   60.00 EUR
Israel   55.00 EUR   65.00 EUR
Asia, Australia, New Zealand   50.00 EUR   65.00 EUR
India   60.00 EUR   65.00 EUR


Countries Shipping Cost
Germany 8 €
Austria Belgium Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland France Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Portugal Spain Sweden 15 €
Croatia Cyprus 35 €
Bulgaria Latvia Romania Slovakia Slovenia 45 €
United Kingdom 50 €
Norway Switzerland 60 €
United Arab Emirates Australia China Hong Kong SAR China Israel Japan South Korea New Zealand Oman Serbia Saudi Arabia Singapore Iceland Thailand Taiwan 65 €
Canada United States $ 50
Argentina Chile Uruguay $ 65

(other countries on request)

All above mentioned shipping costs are prepaid by us and added to the invoice.

Orders exceeding 1,500.00 USD / 1,200.00 EUR are shipped on our expense.

PLEASE NOTE: Taxes and fees charged by the authorities of the country of import are not covered by the shipping costs and due to the consignee.