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anti-Mouse IgG1 sdAb - FluoTag-X2 - List of all variants

A monovalent single domain secondary antibody specific for mouse IgG1


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Camelid single domain antibodies (sdAbs) consist only of one antigen binding site of an Alpaca heavy chain antibody. With only ~15 kDa, these Tags are about 10-times smaller than conventional IgG antibody molecules.

Cat. No. Label Application Quantity Price
N2002-AF568-S AZdye 568-labeled WB ICC IHC FACS 500 µl $250.00
N2002-AF647-S Alexa 647-labeled ICC IHC FACS 500 µl $250.00
N2002-At488-S ATTO 488-labeled ICC IHC FACS 500 µl $250.00
N2002-Li680-S Licor 680RD-labeled WB ICC IHC FACS 500 µl $250.00
N2002-Li800-S Licor 800CW-labeled WB ICC IHC FACS 500 µl $250.00