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Protein A Agarose affinity resin - AG-A1010

Protein A resin for IgG purification
Cat. No.: AG-A1010
Amount: 10 ml
Price: $280.00
Cat. No. AG-A1010

10ml 50% slurry

Storage Store at 2-8 °C, do not freeze
IP: yes
Capacity (DBC 10%)
(determined with 1 mg/ml hu IgG1 MAB using a 1 ml column).

≥70 mg hu IgG/ml resin at residence time 6 min
≥50 mg hu IgG/ml resin at residence time 2.4 min
≥25 mg hu IgG/ml resin at residence time 1 min

Flow rate

250 cm/h (50% suspension)

CIP (0.5 M NaOH 100 Cycles)

No significant change in performance after 100 cycles with 0.5 M NaOH (1 cycle = 15 min contact time) use at room temperature

Particle size

45 µm 

Formulation 50 % slurry in PBS containing 1mM EDTA, 0.01% azide.
Shelf life Stable for 6 months.
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Cat. No.: AG-A1010
Amount: 10 ml
Price: $280.00

As the developer of high quality antibodies, we have extended our product portfolio by Protein A Agarose affinity resins.
Protein A is a cell wall protein from Staphylococcus aureus and is commonly used for the affinity purification or pull downs of IgG class antibodies. It binds to immunoglobulins through interaction with the IgG heavy chain within the Fc region. Antibodies from serum (polyclonal antibodies), ascites or cell culture supernatant of hybridoma cell lines (monoclonal antibodies) can thus be easily isolated.


Protein A does not bind to all IgG classes from all species equivalently well.


Species Subclass Protein A
Human IgA variable
  IgD -
  IgE -
  IgG1 ++++
  IgG2 ++++
  IgG3 -
  IgG4 ++++
  IgM variable
Avian egg yolk IgY -
Cow IgG ++
Dog IgG ++
Goat IgG -
Guinea pig IgG1 ++++
  IgG2 ++++
Hamster IgG +
Horse IgG ++
Llama IgG -
Monkey (rhesus) IgG ++++
Mouse IgG1 +
  IgG2a ++++
  IgG2b +++
  IgG3 ++
  IgM -
Pig IgG +++
Rabbit IgG1 ++++
Rat IgG1 -
  IgG2a -
  IgG2b -
  IgG3 +
Sheep IgG +/-