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ApoE antibody - 465 004 K.O.

Apoliporotein E is a lipid binding protein and mediates the cellular uptake of lipoproteins
Guinea pig polyclonal antiserum
Cat. No.: 465 004
Amount: 100 µl
Price: $365.00
Cat. No. 465 004 100 µl antiserum, lyophilized. For reconstitution add 100 µl H2O, then aliquot and store at -20°C until use.
Antibodies should be stored at +4°C when still lyophilized. Do not freeze!
WB: 1 : 1000 gallery  
IP: not tested yet
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IHC: 1 : 500 gallery  
IHC-P: not tested yet
Immunogen Recombinant protein corresponding to AA 19 to 311 from mouse ApoE ms (UniProt Id: P08226)
Reactivity Reacts with: mouse (P08226), rat (P02650).
Other species not tested yet.
Specificity Specific for ApoE K.O. validated
Data sheet 465_004.pdf
Cat. No.: 465 004
Amount: 100 µl
Price: $365.00

Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) is one major apolipoprotein of several lipoprotein classes and mediates the cellular uptake of lipoproteins (1). It is not only a central player in lipid metabolism, it also plays a role in neurobiology and has an impact on neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (2). In contrast to mice, which express only one isoform, the human gene has three major allelic variants (ApoE2, ApoE3, ApoE4) with ApoE4 as one of the strongest genetic risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease (3). High levels of ApoE protein are found in liver, brain, kidney or spleen (2). In the central nervous system ApoE is mainly expressed by astrocytes and smooth muscle cells around big vessels (4). Neurons and microglia increase ApoE expression after injury.