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Aquaporin4 antibody - 429 011BT

Aquaporin4 is a water-specific channel in the blood brain barrier
Mouse monoclonal purified IgG
Cat. No.: 429 011BT
Amount: 100 µg
Price: $480.00
Cat. No. 429 011BT 100 µg purified IgG, lyophilized, labeled with Biotin.

Biotin is a small vitamin B complex molecule. Its small size minimizes interference with antibody binding sites and allows for efficient conjugation without compromising antibody functionality.
Biotin conjugated antibodies can be easily detected with Avidin/Streptavidin based secondary detection systems.
The streptavidin-biotin bond is one of the strongest non-covalent biological bonds known.

Albumin and azide were added for stabilization. For reconstitution add 100 µl H2O to get a 1mg/ml solution in PBS. Then aliquot and store at -20°C to -80°C until use.
Antibodies should be stored at +4°C when still lyophilized. Do not freeze!
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Label biotin
Clone 325B5A5
Subtype IgG2a (κ light chain)
Immunogen Recombinant protein corresponding to AA 249 to 323 from mouse Aquaporin-4 isoform 2 (UniProt Id: P55088-1)
Reactivity Reacts with: mouse (P55088-1), rat (P47863), human (P55087).
Other species not tested yet.
Matching control protein/peptide 429-0P
Data sheet 429_011bt.pdf
Cat. No.: 429 011BT
Amount: 100 µg
Price: $480.00

Aquaporin4, or AQP4, also known as Mercurial-insensitive water channel (MIWC), is a member of the aquaporin water channel family. This osmoreceptor regulates body water balance and mediates water flow within the central nervous system.